Secret Lives of Carnivorous Marsupials

December 2018
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  • Publisher
    CSIRO Publishing
  • Published
    21st December 2018
  • ISBN 9781486305148
  • Language English
  • Pages 328 pp.
  • Images 146 color photos & 38 illus

Most living carnivorous marsupials lead a secretive and solitary existence. From tiny insect eaters to the formidable Tasmanian Devil, Secret Lives of Carnivorous Marsupials offers rare insight into the history and habits of these creatures – from their discovery by intrepid explorers and scientists to their unique life cycles and incredible ways of hunting prey.

Andrew Baker and Chris Dickman bring you on a journey through remote Australia, the Americas and dark, mysterious New Guinea – some of the last truly wild places on Earth. They describe frenzied mating sessions, miniscule mammals that catch prey far larger than themselves, and extinct predators including marsupial lions, wolves and even sabre-toothed kangaroos. The book contains a guide to the world’s 136 living species of carnivorous marsupials and is packed with never-before-seen photos. Biogeography, relationships and conservation are also covered in detail.

• A fascinating insight into the lives and behaviors of these secretive and solitary marsupials
• Extensively illustrated with stunning color photographs
• Includes extinct species such as giant kangaroos, marsupial lions and tigers.

Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker

Chris Dickman

Chris Dickman is Professor in Terrestrial Ecology at the University of Sydney, and author of the popular book A Fragile Balance: The Extraordinary Story of Australian Marsupials (2007), which won the Whitley Medal for advancing zoological knowledge in 2008. He has been studying the natural history of the Desert Channels area for 20 years, and has published extensively on this.