Land Use Changes in Tropical Watersheds

Evidence, Causes and Remedies

December 2005
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    15th December 2005
  • ISBN 9780851999128
  • Language English
  • Pages 208 pp.
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This book studies land use change in tropical landscapes, with particular emphasis on the economic processes that influence rates of land degradation and forest clearing. Multidisciplinary contributions draw lessons from a rich, decade-long collection of economic, social and environmental data on the Manupali upland watershed in the southern Philippines. Through this detailed case study the book documents forces leading to land use changes, in particular the potential impacts of institutional evolution and policy reforms, and highlights interrelationships between biological, economic, and social phenomena.

* Economic development and watershed degradation
* Agricultural development and institutional transitions
* Water quality changes in the Manupali River watershed
* How do national markets and price policies affect land use at the forest margin?
* How do relative price changes alter land use decisions?
* Economic incentives and agricultural outcomes in upland settings
* Simulating soil erosion and sediment yield in small upland watersheds using the WEPP model
* Identifying soil erosion hotspots in the Manupali River watershed
* Alternatives to traditional annual crop agriculture in the uplands
* Linking economic policies and environmental outcomes at a watershed scale
* Using Payments for Environmental Services (PES) to assist in watershed management
* Conclusions and some directions for future research

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