Biotechnology in Agriculture Series Series 28

Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural Biotechnology Edition 2

December 2003
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    16th December 2003
  • ISBN 9780851997391
  • Language English
  • Pages 336 pp.
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During the past 25 years, biotechnology has revolutionized agricultural research. The enormous potential, together with a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court to allow the patenting of genetically-engineered organisms has encouraged private sector companies to invest in agricultural biotechnology research programmes. This has contributed to a rapid growth in interest in intellectual property rights as applied to this subject. The first edition of this book was published in 1998. Now fully revised and updated, it presents definitive information on intellectual property law in a simplified form (with a minimum of legal jargon). New chapters have been added which cover plant variety protection and farmers rights, as well as additional case studies.

Part I: Issues and Principles
* Introduction to intellectual properties
* Acquiring protection for improved germplasm and inbred lines
* Transferring intellectual properties
* Capacity building in intellectual property management in agricultural biotechnology
* Plant variety protection in the USA
* Farmers' rights over plant genetic resources in the South: Challenges and Opportunities
* Economic aspects of Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural Biotechnology

Part II: Country and Regional Case Studies
* Egypt
* South Africa
* Australia
* China
* Issues on Intellectual Property Rights associated with agrobiotechnology in Japan
* India
* Intellectual Property Rights in the Russian Federation
* Andean Pact countries of Latin America
* Costa Rica
* European Union
* Indonesia, T Subagyo
* Exercising Intellectual Property Rights management in Brazil: research, technology transfer and agribusiness after TRIPS

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