Integrated Natural Resources Management

Linking Productivity, the Environment and Development

July 2003
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    8th July 2003
  • ISBN 9780851997315
  • Language English
  • Pages 320 pp.
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This book discusses both the principles and applications of an integrated approach to natural resources management. It deals directly with the wider integration of natural resources, including the complexity of systems and redirecting research towards including participatory approaches, multi-scale analysis and an array of tools for system analysis, information management and impact asessment.

This book has been developed from papers first presented at a workshop in Penang, Malaysia in 2000. Each paper has been peer-reviewed, revised and updated up to the end of 2002. Case studies from around the world, particularly Asia, Africa and Latin America, are presented by international experts.

"This book will be an invaluable addition to the few books already on this issue, and will be of use for students and researchers engaged in agricultural and environmental sciences."

- Biological Agriculture & Horticulture

* Research to integrate productivity enchancement, environmental protection and human development
* Blending "hard" and "soft" science: the "follow-the-technology" approach to catalyzing and evaluating technology change
* Success factors in integrated natural resource management R&D: lessons from practice
* The adaptive decision-making process as a tool for integrated natural resource management: focus, attitudes, and approach
* Negotiation support models for integrated natural resource management in tropical forest margins
* The question of scale in integrated natural resource management
* Delivering the goods: scaling out results of natural resource management research
* Adapting science to adaptive managers: spidergrams, belief models and multi-agent systems modeling
* Spatial modeling of risk in natural resource management
* Landcare on the poverty-protection interface in an Asian watershed
* Integrated natural resource management: approaches and lessons from the Himalaya
* Assessing the impact of integrated natural resource management: challenges and experiences
* Assessing viability and sustainability: a systems-based approach for deriving comprehensive indicator sets
* Assessing the performance of natural resource systems
* Integrating research on food and the environment:an exit strategy from the rational fool syndrome in agricultural science

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