Good Statistical Practice for Natural Resources Research

May 2004
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    25th May 2004
  • ISBN 9780851997223
  • Language English
  • Pages 416 pp.
  • Size 6.75" x 9.25"

This book provides a practical approach to applying statistics to a wide variety of studies or projects. It will help bring together the biophysical and socioeconomic aspects, that are increasingly seen as integral to successful natural resources management. The topics covered include types of study in NRM, planning, data management and analysis. The book has been written for advanced students and professionals in all disciplines in agriculture, forestry, rural development, environmental and related sciences.

"This book is a valuable reference guide to advanced students and professionals in agricultural research and development, including those in forestry and environmental sciences. It should be particularly helpful to research managers and biometricians."

- Experimental Agriculture

"Although this book is based on a series of guides written for scientists conducting natural resources research, it is relevant to a much wider audience. In particular, advanced students and professionals with an interest in the disciplines of agriculture, forestry, rural development and environmental and related sciences will find the advice and case studies presented in the book useful.... Many of the issues raised, in particular aspects of data management, would be relevant to many types of research projects. The book would also be extremely useful as a guide to any team member participating in a natural resources research project."

- Significance

"This book is a compilation of beautiful literary contributions made by some of the more famous people in the field of environmental and natural resources research. It is truly a timely and treasured work of art that needs to be on the bookshelf of every environmentalist and natural resources research officer. Every library should possess a copy of this text. It can serve both as a text or a reference for both undergraduate and postgraduate students."

Isaac Dialsingh - , College of Science and Applied Sciences of Trinidad and Tobago

Part 1: Introduction
* What is Natural Resources Research?
* At Least Read This…
* Sidetracks
Part 2: Planning
* Introduction to Research Planning
* Concepts Underlying Experiments
* Sampling Concepts
* Surveys and Studies of Human Subjects
* Surveying Land and Natural Populations
* Planning Effective Experiments
Part 3: Data Management
* Data Management Issues and Problems
* Use of Spreadsheet Packages
* The Role of a Database Package
* Developing a Data Management Strategy
* Use of Statistical Software
Part 4: Analysis
* Analysis - Aims and Approaches
* The DIY Toolbox - General Ideas
* Analysis of Survey Data
* Analysis of Experimental Data
* General Linear Models
* The Craftsman's Toolbox
* Informative Presentation of Tables, Graphs and Statistics
Part 5: Where Next?
* Current Trends and their Implications for Good Practice
* Resources and Further Reading

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