Modelling Forest Systems

September 2003
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    3rd September 2003
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There are many theoretical approaches to modeling forest systems, but not all of them have valid practical applications. This book reviews current thinking on various models and explores a variety of areas and approaches. The papers in this book have been selected and developed from those presented at a workshop held in Portugal in June 2002. The topics covered include: forest reality and modeling strategies; mathematical approaches and reasoning; estimation processes models; validation and decision under uncertainty and model archives and metadata.

The book will be of significant interest to those in areas of forestry, applied ecology, statistics and economics.

Part I: Forest reality and modelling strategies
* Suggestions for choosing an appropriate level for modelling forest stands
* Mapping forest site productivity for Alberta
* Growth modelling of Eucalyptus regnans for carbon accounting at the Landscape Scale
* Spatial distribution modelling of forest attributes coupling remotely sensed imagery and GIS techniques
* Algorithmic and interactive approaches to stand growth modelling
* Linking process-based and empirical forest models in Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil
* A strategy for growth and yield research in Komatiland Forests in South AfricaAfrica

Part II: Mathematical approaches and reasoning
* Quantitative tools for modelling forest systems at different scales
* GLOBTREE, an individual tree growth model for Eucalyptus globulas in Portugal
* Modelling dominant height growth: effect of stand density
* Testing for temporal dependence of pollen cone production in jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb)
* Spatial stochastic modelling of cone production from stone pine (Pinus pinea l) stands in the Spanish northern plateau
* Modelling the carbon sequestration of a mixed, uneven-aged, managed forest using the process model SECRETS
* An allometric-weibull model for interpreting and predicting the dynamics of foiliage biomass on scots pine branches
* Diameter distribution models and height-diameter equations for Estonian forests
* Modelling the diameter at breast height growth of Populus x euramericana plantations in Spain
* Stand growth and productivity of mountain forests in southern Siberia in a changing climate

Part III: Estimation Processes
* Estimation and application of size-biased distributions in forestry
* Sop model - the parameter estimation alternatives
* Evaluating estimation methods for logistic regression in modelling individual-tree mortality
* Using process-dependent groups of species to model the dynamics on a tropical rain-forest
* Modelling current annual height increment of young Douglas-fir stands at different sites
* Simulation and sustainability of cork oak stands
* A critical look at procedures for validating growth and yield models
* Model testing by means of cost-plus-loss analyses
* Regulating the yield of goods and services from forests: Developing tools to support management decisions and policy development for multiple objective forest management
* CAPSIS: computer-aided projection for strategies in silviculture: advantages of a shared forest-modelling platform
* Expected volume and value of structural dimension lumber from 25-, 30-, 35-, 40- and 50 year old loblolly pine plantation timber
* Comparing models for growth and management of forest tracts
* Landscape visualization under three different forest growth simulators
* How good is good enough: information quality needs for management decision-making

Part V: Model archives and metadata
* Forest modelling: Conserving the past and building the future
* A logic approach to design specifications for integrated application of diverse models in forest ecosystem analysis

Part VI: Conclusions
* Emerging trends and future directions: a workshop synthesis

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David Reed

David Reed is director, Macroeconomics Program Office, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-International) in Washington DC, US; author of Economic Change, Governance and Natural Resource Wealth (2001); and editor of Structural Adjustment, the Environment and Sustainable Development (1996).

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