Dairy Sheep Nutrition

October 2004
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    28th October 2004
  • ISBN 9780851996813
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Sheep milking is widespread throughout the Mediterranean, and is becoming more common in countries such as the UK, USA, Central America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Good nutrition is a critical factor in optimising dairy production from sheep. This book is a translation of a popular Italian text, originally published in 2001 and includes updated information, and new material on temperate regions. It contains chapters on all aspects of dairy sheep nutrition and feeding, such as milk production, feed intake, nutrition and reproduction, nutrition and milk quality, and grazing and stocking rate management.

"This book will provide a useful technical resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in addition to researchers, veterinarians and producers. It is well indexed and provides lists of acronyms and biographies of contributing authors."

- EAAP News

Milk production
Mathematical modelling of milk production pattern in dairy sheep
Energy and protein requirements
Dietary intake of vitamins and minerals and water requirements
Feed intake
Feeding of lactating ewes
Nutrition and reproduction
Nutrition and milk quality
Feeding dairy lambs
Digestive disturbances and metabolic-nutritional disorders
Grazing management and stocking rate with particular reference to Mediterranean environments

Giuseppe Pulina

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