Principles of Plant Health and Quarantine

July 2003
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    21st July 2003
  • ISBN 9780851996806
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  • Pages 312 pp.
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There is a growing awareness that an understanding of international plant health agreements and protocol is essential in the increasingly free-trade environment of today, and that administrative methods of plant pest control are important in crop production. However, there has been no recent book, which introduces students and practitioners to the subject of plant health and quarantine. This book fills this gap.

* Introduction to plant health and quarantine
* Early history of plant health control measures
* International phytosanitary controls
* The European Union plant health regime
* Operation of national plant protection organisations
* Imports and exports
* Eradication and containment
* Principles of certification and marketing schemes
* International certification and marketing schemes
* Indexing and diagnosis in plant health
* Pest risk analysis
* Hygiene and precautionary measures
* Appendix I The regional plant protection organisations
* Appendix II Convention concerning the measures to be taken against Phylloxera vastatrix, 1878
* Appendix III International controls on the use of plant pests as offensive agents

David L. Ebbels

David L. Ebbels is a Consultant in Plant Health, Harpenden, UK and formerly Consultancy Team Manager, Plant Health Group, Central Science Laboratory, UK.