Tourism, Consumption and Representation

Narratives of Place and Self

September 2006
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    18th September 2006
  • ISBN 9780851996783
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This book addresses the practices of consumption in tourism, a major theme in the sociology of tourism. To date, most tourism analysis has tended to concentrate on the production of tourist space, and assume that tourism consumption simply mirrors the intentions of the producers. By focusing on a number of relevant sub-themes, such as age, gender, religion and sexual orientation, the chapters within this book critically examine such assumptions in terms of the interplay between the production and consumption of tourist spaces, and how patterns of tourism consumption are negotiated on an individual level.

Editor's preface, K Meethan, A Anderson, and S Miles
Introduction: Narratives of Place and Self
Disjunctures in Nationalist Rhetoric at Ireland's Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre
Ruining the Dream? The challenge of tourism at Angkor, Cambodia
Archaeology under the canopy: Imagining the Maya of El Pilar
Sensing Place, Consuming Space: Changing visitor experiences of the Great Barrier Reef
Production and consumption of wildlife icons: Dolphin tourism at Monkey Mia, Western Australia
Teppich-Swingers and Skibums: Differential Experiences of Ski Tourism in the Tirolean Alps
Consuming Images: Young female Japanese tourists in Bali, Indonesia
Gender creation in travelling, or the art of transforming an adventures
More than just a tourist: Distinction, old age and the selective consumption of tourist space
Consuming Pleasures: Package Tourists in MallorcaK
Narratives of sexuality, identity and relationships in leisure and tourism places
Ethnic Tourism and National Identity: The contest for St. Patrick's Day
Selling Celtic Cornwall: Changing Markets and Meanings?
Creating the tourist destination: narrating the 'undiscovered' and the paradox of consumption

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