Biotechnology in Agriculture Series Series 27

Laboratory Production of Cattle Embryos Edition 2

September 2003
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    22nd September 2003
  • ISBN 9780851996660
  • Language English
  • Pages 592 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"

*3,000 new references added since the first edition
*Gives information necessary to produce embryos totally through in vitro techniques
*Shows commercial applications of embryo and oocyte research

Cattle remain at the forefront of many new developments in reproductive technology and what can be done for the cow today will later be applicable to other farm livestock and perhaps humans. This new edition reviews the considerable advances and issues in embryo production technology, based on reports since the first edition in 1994. This is a must-have volume for those who own the first edition, and an incredibly informative text.

Reviews of the Second Edition: "I am sure this book, again for this second edition, will be a great success and the author should certainly be commended to have made this effort."

- EAAP News

"I can only finish this review by congratulating the author upon the production of one of the best reference books I have ever seen."

- Agricultural Science

Reviews of the First Edition: "This book is very well written, explains all techniques in a concise but always clear way. Readers will get an enormous amount of information...The style is enjoyable and the book is an invaluable resource. It is, and will remain without doubt, the standard monograph in the field for many years."

- Livestock Production Science

Chapter 1: Developments in Embryo In Vitro Production (IVP) Technology
Chapter 2: The Bovine Oestrous Cycle and Associated Events
Chapter 3: Recovering the Bovine Oocyte
Chapter 4: Maturing the Bovine Oocyte
Chapter 5: Capacitating Bovine Sperm
Chapter 6: In Vitro Fertilization
Chapter 7: Culturing and Evaluating the Early Bovine Embryo
Chapter 8: Preservation of Embryos and Oocytes
Chapter 9: Establishing Pregnancies with IVP- Embryos
Chapter 10: Embryos and Oocytes in Research and Commercial Practice

Ian Gordon

I. Gordon is at the Department of Animal Science and Production, University College Dublin, Ireland.