Biology, Husbandry and Diseases

May 2003
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    8th May 2003
  • ISBN 9780851996561
  • Language English
  • Pages 352 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"

This book is a comprehensive reference work on the biology, management and health of crocodiles, alligators and gharials. It is applicable to both farmed and captive animals.

The introductory chapter describes crocodilian anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and behavior. One chapter is devoted to important aspects of crocodile farming, namely nutrition, incubation of eggs, rearing, breeding, slaughter and welfare. Subsequent chapters cover transmissible, nontransmissible and organ diseases, and diseases of eggs and hatchlings.

"Fritz Huchzermeyer's long awaited book on crocodile husbandry is out, and was worth waiting for... will stand frequent consultation and years on the laboratory bench where it will be an invaluable aid to diagnosis and treatment."

Perran Ross - , Crocodile Specialist Group, University of Florida

"The book is easy to read and has a strong emphasis on husbandry and pathology. Crocodilian anatomy and physiology is explained in a simple and effective manner. The work is well referenced and the enthusiasm of the author for his subject is obvious."

- Australian Veterinary Journal

Chapter 1: Crocodiles and Alligators The Species of Crocodilians
Chapter 2: Examination of Crocodiles and Clinical Procedures
Chapter 3: Important Aspects of Crocodile Farming
Chapter 4: Diseases of Eggs and Hatchlings
Chapter 5: Transmissible Diseases
Chapter 6: Nontransmissible Diseases
Chapter 7: Organ Diseases and Miscellaneous Conditions

F. W. Huchzermeyer

F. W. Huchzermeyer