Disease-related Malnutrition

An Evidence-based Approach to Treatment

January 2003
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    30th January 2003
  • ISBN 9780851996486
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  • Pages 848 pp.
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Disease-related malnutrition is a global public health problem. The consequences of disease-related malnutrition are numerous, and include shorter survival rates, lower functional capacity, longer hospital stays, greater complication rates, and higher prescription rates. Nutritional support, in the form of oral nutritional supplements or tube feeding, has proven to lead to an improvement in patient outcome. This book is unique in that it draws together the results of numerous different studies that demonstrate the benefits of nutritional support and provides an evidence base for it. It also discusses the causes, consequences, and prevalence of disease-related malnutrition, and provides insights into the best possible use of enteral nutritional support.

"The authors have combined scientific findings, clinical judgement and common sense, to produce a reference work of great importance not only to clinicians but also to other health care disciplines and to managers."

- The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics

"The book presents a huge amount of information in a single cohesive style...It is the completeness of the work that makes it outstanding."


"This is a useful reference book and should be available to all those involved in the management of patients suffering from nutritional depletion. The book would be an ideal addition to the resources of nutrition support teams to underpin clinical decision and to act as basis for undertaking clinical research. It provides a valuable source of information for those undertaking studies in clinical nutrition at both under- and post-graduate level. The authors are to be congratulated for such a meticulous and timely review of this subject."

- Journal Human Nutrition & Dietetics

"It is an impressive effort to collect, summarize and analyse the available literature in the field. This book is a useful addition to the available literature for a wide range of professionals working with nutritional support, but also for students and researchers, especially when dealing with nutrition intervention trials."

- Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition 2003

"This is not just another book, it is unique masterly systematic review of systematic reviews and meta-analysis, blessed by the authority and much clinical expertise and sense of the authors."

Mario E Camilo - , University Lisbon, Portugal Clinical Nutrition

Scientific criteria for defining malnutrition
Prevalence of disease-related malnutrition
Causes of disease-related malnutrition
Consequences of disease-related malnutrition
Framework for establishing an evidence base for nutritional intervention
Evidence base for oral nutritional supplements
Evidence base for enteral tube feeding
Combined analysis of the effects of oral nutritional supplements and enteral tube feeding
Parenteral nutrition: a comparison with enteral tube feeding
Undertaking clinical nutrition intervention trials

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