Nutrients for Sugar Beet Production

Soil-Plant Relationships

July 2003
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    8th July 2003
  • ISBN 9780851996233
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  • Pages 272 pp.
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After a summary of world sugar production from beets, the authors cover the plant's need of each macro and micronutrient and effects on growth, yield and crop quality. The soil's supply of nutrients is examined as the basis for use of mineral fertilizers, organic manures and foliar applications. The book provides an up-to-date review of relevant research and the authors draw out practical guidelines so that all concerned with growing the crop can make use of this latest information. The book is destined to become the standard reference on the subject for many years to come. It represents the only significant work in English since Dr. Draycott's earlier title on the same subject, published 30 years ago.

"Overall, this is an admirable summary of agronomic and nutritional research on this crop, and destined to be a work of reference for many years."

- Experimental Agriculture

"This book is well presented, contains a lot of figures and tables and gives valuable information on soil-plant interactions with special focus on sugar beet. The book is interesting as a standard reference for students as well as for advisory services and all concerned with sugar beet production."

- Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Phosphorus and sulphur
Potassium and sodium
Calcium and magnesium
Micronutrients or trace elements
Nutrient deficiencies
Organic manures, green manuring and organic production
Nutrient reserves and crop rotations
Soil physical conditions
Time, form and method of fertilizer application
Interactions between nutrients, water supply, pests and diseases, and agronomic practices
Sugar beet quality
Nutrient requirement of fodder beet and of the beet seed crop

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