Biopesticides Series

The Convention on Biological Diversity and Product Commercialisation in Development Assistance Projects

A Case Study of LUBILOSA

September 2001
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    26th September 2001
  • ISBN 9780851995779
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  • Pages 64 pp.
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The LUBILOSA (Lutte Biologique contre les Locustes et Sauteriaux) Programme was initiated in 1989 and has been successful in developing a bioinsecticide for the biological control of locusts and grasshoppers. The efficacy of the product named Green Muscle has been clearly demonstrated in Africa, and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical insecticides. Although it predates the Convention on Biological Diversity, LUBILOSA has been conducted in accordance with the benefit sharing and related provisions of the Convention.

This book provides a review of the program in order to demonstrate how such research and product commercialization can be accomplished in the context of a development assistance project. In particular it shows how the provisions of the Convention can be fulfilled with respect to: equitable sharing of research results and benefits, access to and transfer of technology, exchange of information, technical and scientific cooperation, participation in research and financial resources.

David R. Dent

David R. Dent trained as an agricultural ecologist/entomologist, has invented and commercialized a herbicide adjuvant, managed the development and licensing of the biopesticide Green Muscle for locust control, established the spin-out company Conidia Bioscience Ltd to develop a diagnostic kit for the airline fuel fungus and realized the commercial opportunity offered by a nitrogen fixing endophytic bacteria for substitution of nitrogen fertilizer that lead to the founding of Azotic Technologies Ltd. A former MD of CABI Bioscience, David has a wealth of experience managing international science-based and commercial projects, establishing, raising funds for, and working in spin-out companies, as well advising governments and business on science, technology and innovation.