Waste Composting for Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture

Closing the Rural-Urban Nutrient Cycle in Sub-Saharan Africa

November 2001
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    1st November 2001
  • ISBN 9780851995489
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  • Pages 256 pp.
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Rapid urbanization has created a major challenge with regard to waste management and environmental protection. However, the problem can be ameliorated by turning organic waste into compost for use as an agricultural fertilizer in peri-urban areas. This is especially significant in less developed countries, where food security is also a key issue. This book addresses these subjects and is based on papers presented at a workshop held in Ghana by the International Board for Soil Research and Management (IBSRAM, now part of the International Water Management Institute) and FAO. Special reference is given to Sub-Saharan Africa, with acknowledgement to experiences from other parts of the world. Contributing authors are from several European, as well as African, countries

Pay Drechsel

Pay Drechsel is Global Theme Leader on Water Quality, Health & Environment at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Ghana.

Dagmar Kunze

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