Keys to the Trematoda

Volume 1
May 2002
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  • Published
    14th May 2002
  • ISBN 9780851995472
  • Language English
  • Pages 544 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"

This book, in three volumes, presents a detailed revision of the systematics and taxonomy of the platyhelminth class Trematoda, subclasses Aspidogastrea and Digenea, with keys for the identification of these parasites at the superfamily, family, subfamily and generic levels.

The trematodes are parasitic worms infecting all vertebrate groups and include families of significance to human and animal health, with considerable economic impact. Volume 1 covers the subclass Aspidogastrea and order Strigeida, while the second and third volumes will cover the orders Echinostomida and Plagiorchiida.

"Keys to the Trematoda will become the standard reference on the group for many years. Given the infrequency of appearance of such large works, this is likely to remain the definitive work for the first half of this century and to find a place on book-shelves all over the planet."

David Blair - , School of Tropical Biology, Australia

"This is a 'must have' book for every institution/laboratory where studies of trematodes are carried out now or anticipated in the future."

- Acta Parasitologica

"[W]e consider the Keys to represent a valuable contribution to taxonomic research on trematodes...Keys to the Trematoda will undoubtedly represent an indispensable source of basic information about the systematics of these helminths."

- Folia Parasitologica

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