Tropical Forests of the Guiana Shield

July 2005
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    11th July 2005
  • ISBN 9780851995366
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  • Pages 560 pp.
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The Guiana Shield is an ancient geological formation located in the northern part of South America, covering an area of 1 million square kilometers. Despite its hostile environment, it is home to many unusual and highly specialized plants and animals, which constitute a rich area of biodiversity. Chapters in this book include hydrology, nutrient cycling, forest phenology, insect-plant interactions, forest microclimate, plant distributions, forest dynamics and conservation and management of flora and fauna. It provides a comprehensive and detailed review of the ecology, biology and natural history of the forests of the area.

* Introduction
* Biophysical Features of the Guiana Shield
* Ecophysiological Patterns in Guianan Forest Plants
* Rainforest Vertebrates and Food Plant Diversity in the Guiana Shield
* Folivorous Insects in the Rain Forests of the Guianas
* Flower-visiting Insects in Guianan Forests: Pollinators, Thieves, Lovers and Their Foes
* Guianan Forest Dynamics: Geomorphographic Control and Tropical Forest Change Across Diverging Landscapes
* Socio-economic Aspects of Guiana Shield Forest Use
* Forest Conservation and Management in the Guiana Shield

David Hammond

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