Nutrition, Immunity and Infection

August 2010
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    24th August 2010
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Infectious diseases are an important cause of malnutrition. Recurrent infections increase the risk of malnutrition while poor nutritional status results in lowered immune status and predisposes to infectious disease thus propagating the vicious cycle of infection and malnutrition. The nutrition-infection-immunity axis is crucial for both developed and developing countries and is now a central feature of many nutrition and infectious disease courses. Bringing together nutrition and immunology, Nutrition, Immunity and Infections covers the topic in an accessible format for all students of nutrition, medicine and public health.

Through his work at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the FAO’s Food and Nutrition Division and his current post at the University of Southampton, Professor Shetty has built a reputation to match his wealth of experience in the relationship between nutrition and susceptibility to infection.

1. Nutrition, immunity and infection
2. Immune systems: the defence mechanisms of the body
3. Role of nutrients in immune functions
4. Undernutrition, host defence mechanisms and risk of infection
5. Infections and undernutrition: causation and consequences
6. Vitamin A deficiency and risk of infection
7. Iron status and risk of infection
8. Zinc deficiency and infections
9. Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis
10. Nutrition, immunity and infections of infants and children
11. Maternal nutrition, infections and birth outcomes
12. Nutrition, immunity and infections in the elderly
13. Nutrition, immunity and chronic diseases
14. Probiotics, prebiotics and immunity
15. Food Allergy

Prakash Shetty

Prakash Shetty teaches at the University of Southampton.