Crop Residues in Sustainable Mixed Crops/Livestock Farming Systems

March 1997
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    1st March 1997
  • ISBN 9780851991771
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  • Pages 384 pp.
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In many tropical areas, the main constraint to increased output of livestock products is the inability of producers to feed animals adequately throughout the year. Yet opportunities exist to enhance ruminant livestock feed supplies by using crop residues, such as cereal straw and legume haulms. Greater emphasis is therefore now being placed on vegetative production in plant breeding research. Crop residues also play an important role in conserving soil moisture, preventing erosion and providing products such as fuel or thatch for smallholders.

This book provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on crop residues, bringing together crop, animal and social scientists from six continents. It has been developed from papers presented at a workshop held in April 1996, at ICRISAT Asia Center, as part of the Systemwide Livestock Program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) convened by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), based in Africa. It will appeal to a wide readership in disciplines as diverse as agronomy, soil science, plant breeding, animal nutrition and socio-economics.

C. Renard

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