Sustainable Rural Development Series Series

Agricultural Restructuring and Sustainability

A Geographical Perspective

April 1997
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  • Published
    1st April 1997
  • ISBN 9780851991658
  • Language English
  • Pages 352 pp.
  • Size 6.75" x 9.25"

This book consists of selected and revised papers from a conference held in North Carolina that brought together rural geographers from Canada, UK and USA, plus one representative from New Zealand. The papers included in the book are those that focus on agricultural restructuring and sustainability. This subject is of considerable current interest at a time when rural areas in developed market economies are undergoing considerable change. The chapters in the book examine, at various spatial scales, the broad processes and structural changes that are common to all rural systems in developed countries. Different geographical contexts are used to illustrate the uneven development of these processes and the implications for sustainable agriculture and rural systems. Authors provide both literature reviews and original research. The book is aimed at not only rural geographers but also agricultural economists, rural sociologists and policy-makers concerned with rural studies.

Brian Ilbery

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