Dictionary of Natural Resource Management

April 1996
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    1st April 1996
  • ISBN 9780851991481
  • Language English
  • Pages 368 pp.
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The field of natural resource management is expanding, attracting individuals and ideas from a wide array of disciplines. For effective communication to take place, it is increasingly important for everyone involved to be familiar with the exact meanings being attached to the terms in use.

The Dictionary of Natural Resource Management has been compiled to address this need and provides a single source of definitions about natural resource management terms. With more than 6,000 entries, many of them illustrated and a detailed set of appendices covering the classification of organisms, geological time scales and conversion factors, it is the most up-to-date and comprehensive reference work of its kind available.

The scope of the dictionary is interdisciplinary. It encompasses terminology from the traditional fields of forestry, silviculture, pest management, mycology, botany, fish and wildlife management, forest fire control, geology, pedology, engineering and resource planning. In addition, there are many terms from the emerging disciplines of landscape ecology, conservation biology, conflict resolution and sustainable development planning. Clear definitions, along with the multiple meanings that some terms now have, are provided for each entry. These have been derived from the authors’ extensive review of contemporary literature and glossaries and from discussions with experts around the world.

In order to make the dictionary accessible to a wide audience — interested lay people as well as those with a technical background — the terms and illustrations are cross-referenced so that opposite and allied terms can be easily located. By enabling readers to better understand and effectively use technical terms, The Dictionary of Natural Resource Management is an essential reference work for resource managers, planners and decision makers in government and non-government evironmental organizations. The Dictionary is also an invaluable resource for all students studying biology, environmental sciences, forestry, geography, geology and wildlife management. It is particularly appropriate for those students undetaking interdisciplinary courses or who realise the benefit of reading around their chosen area of study.

* The most current and comprehensive source of natural resource management terms available
* A unique, authoritative work with more than 6,000 entries, thousands of cross-references and 80 illustrations
* An essential reference tool for those in the many interdisciplinary fields of natural resource management
* Will enable readers to better understand and more effectively use technical words
* Essential reference book for all students studying biology, environmental sciences, forestry, geography, geology and wildlife management.