Turkey in the European Union

Implications for Agriculture, Food and Structural Policy

June 2005
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    9th June 2005
  • ISBN 9780851990941
  • Language English
  • Pages 336 pp.
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The European Union will begin accession negotiations with Turkey in October 2005. Agriculture, food and rural issues will play a major role in the negotiations, raising questions about the consequences of EU membership for Turkey's agricultural sector and rural population. This book presents acomprehensive description of Turkey's agricultural, food and rural sectors. Focusing on institutional arrangements, performance and economic prospects. Topics dealt with include agricultural production, prices and policies, agricultural trade, environmental issues, animal and plant health, and conditions inrural areas. The book explores the possible consequences of accession, both for Turkey and for the European Union.

* Introduction
* Turkey's Economy and Regional Income Distribution
* The Institutional Framework of Turkey and Turkish Agriculture
* Agricultural Production, Prices and Trade
* Turkey's Rural Population and Agricultural Workforce
* Agricultural and Food Industry Structure
* Overview of Agricultural, Food, Rural and Structural Policies
* Turkey's Foreign Trade Position
* Environment and Agriculture
* Animal and Plant Health in Turkey
* Consequences for the EU-27 of Enlargement to Turkey
* Expected Consequences for Turkey of EU Entry in 2015
* Opportunities, Threats and Challenges

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