The Measurement of Roundwood

Methodologies and Conversion Ratios

October 2005
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    26th October 2005
  • ISBN 9780851990798
  • Language English
  • Pages 288 pp.
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This book provides a comprehensive guide to the various methods by which roundwood and the products of roundwood are measured around the world. It presents and compares many different log scaling methods in terms of procedures and conversion ratios. Topics covered include grading logs, log manufacturing quality, statistical sampling methods and methods for determining log yard inventories and mill log usage volume. Detailed tables of data, covering characteristics, and log weight to volume ratios, are presented for the main commercial timber species of the world. The drivers of roundwood product recovery are also discussed and illustrated with numerous graphs and tables.

* Introduction
* Log scaling
* Measuring log yard inventories and mill usage volume
* Measuring log quality
* Roundwood weight and general physical properties
* Metrics of lumber recovery
* Metrics of plywood/veneer recovery
* Metrics of wood chips and other residue recovery from logs
* Annex 1: Measuring log volume
* Annex 2: Physical properties and weight to volume data
* Annex 3: Glossary

M A  Fonseca

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