International Trade and Policies for Genetically Modified Products

March 2006
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    30th March 2006
  • ISBN 9780851990569
  • Language English
  • Pages 224 pp.
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There are a number of controversial issues that surround agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified products. International trade and policies are at the forefront of these controversies. This book addresses these issues and has been developed from a meeting of the International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research, held in Revello, Italy, in July 2004. It covers five themes: analytical studies, empirical trade studies, spillover dimensions, intellectual property rights and applied general equilibrium trade models.

* The labelling of genetically modified products in a global trading environment
* Commercialized products of biotechnology and trade pattern effects
* Mergers, acquisitions and flows of agbiotech intellectual property
* Patents rersusplant varietal protection
* Economic effects of producing or banning G.M. crops
* Biotechnology risks and project interdependance
* The impact of regulation on the development of new products in the food industry
* Opposition to genetically modified wheat and global food security

Robert E Evenson

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Vittorio Santaniello

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