Monitoring for a Sustainable Tourism Transition

The Challenge of Developing and Using Indicators

September 2005
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    9th September 2005
  • ISBN 9780851990514
  • Language English
  • Pages 368 pp.
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Sustainable tourism is not a static target, but a dynamic process of change, a transition. This book considers how monitoring using indicators can assist tourism to make such a sustainability transition. It encourages the reader to view tourism from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective and draws on material from a wide range of sources. The book explains why monitoring is important for different groups of stakeholders; public and private sector, NGOs and communities. It also examines important monitoring considerations such as what and where to measure, how much will monitoring cost and how the data can be presented. The book puts particular emphasis on indicator use and implementation. It highlights the process and techniques to develop and use indicators and then provides clear and detailed examples of monitoring in practice around the globe at different geographic scales.

"This pioneering new book embraces many of the key ideas surrounding sustainable tourism."

Bryan Farrell

"A thorough review of what is fast becoming a required area for management attention, this book will be essential guidance for all those with a serious interest in the understanding and sustainable development of the tourism industry."

Dr Hugh Somerville - , Former head of Environment and Sustainable Business, British Airways

"For those who are aware of the interconnectedness of destinations and the surprises of the unexpected (from new policies, to market changes, to health, economic or other crises) this book should become an extremely useful tool."

Pam Wight - , Pam Wight & Associates, Edmonton, Canada

"This volume makes a very significant contribution because it represents the first serious and properly researched volume on indicators for sustainable tourism. Without such indicators, monitoring is ineffective and policies on sustainable tourism merely rhetoric. It should make a long and valuable contribution to the literature."

Prof. Richard Butler - , University of Surrey

* Sustainable development
* Sustainable tourism
* Motivations for monitoring
* Private sector drivers
* Public sector drivers
* Implementing monitoring systems
* The World Tourism Organisation
* Tourism optimisation management model
* Samoa sustainable tourism indicator project

Graham Miller

Graham Miller is at University of Surrey, UK.

Louise Twining-Ward

Louise Twining-Ward is at New York University.