Destination Recommendation Systems

Behavioural Foundations and Applications

July 2006
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    20th July 2006
  • ISBN 9780851990231
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An emerging area of study within technology and tourism focuses on the development of technologies which enable Internet users to quickly and effectively find relevant information about selected topics including travel destination and transportation. This area of tourism research and development is generally referred to as destination marketing systems (DMSs) and brings together both applied and academic interests ranging from marketing and management to psychology, mathematics and computer sciences. This book provides a comprehensive synthesis of the current status of research, representing the contributions of some of the leading researchers in destination marketing systems.

"[A] well-written, easy- to-read book that provides multi-disciplinary content and DRS system specifity to a very topical subject."

- International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

*Domain Specific Search Engines, K W Wöber, Vienna University, Austria

*DIETORECS: A Case-Based Travel Advisory System, F Ricci, D R Fesenmaier, M Mirzadeh, H Rumetshofer, University of Linz, Austria, E Schaumlechner, A Venturini, K W Wöber and A Zins, Vienna University, Austria

*Evaluating Travel Recommender Systems: A Case Study of DIETORECS, A H Zins and U Bauernfeind, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria

*TourBO: A Prototype of a Regional Tourism Advising System in Germany, T Franke, Norisbank, Germany

*MobyRek: A Conversational Recommender System for On-the-move Travelers, F Ricci and Q N Nguyen, University of Trento, Italy

Section 4. Recommendation Systems and Travel – An Exciting Future
*Futuring Travel Destination Recommendation Systems, O Stock, ITC-irst, Italy, H Werthner, University of Innsbruck, Austria and M Zancanaro, ITC-irst, Italy

Daniel R.  Fesenmaier

Daniel R.  Fesenmaier is at University of Florida.

Karl W Wöber

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