Tilapia Culture

April 2006
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    24th April 2006
  • ISBN 9780851990149
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  • Pages 304 pp.
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Tilapia culture is currently practiced in 95 countries all over the world and the number is expected to increase. This book discusses in detail the principles and practices of tilapia culture in the world. It covers all the vital issues of farmed tilapia including: the biology, environmental requirements, semi-intensive culture, intensive culture systems, feed and feeding, reproduction and breeding, spawning and larval rearing, stress and diseases, harvesting and marketing and the role of tilapia culture in rural development. It also highlights and presents the experiences of leading countries in tilapia culture.

Current State and Future Potential
Basic Biology and Ecology
Environmental Requirements
Semi-intensive Culture
Intensive Culture
Nutrition and Feeding
Reproduction and Seed Production
Stress and Diseases
Harvesting, Processing and Economics
The role of Tilapia Culture in Rural Development
Recent Technological Innovations
Environmental Impacts

Abdel F M El-Sayed

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