Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrition of Cattle

December 2005
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    12th December 2005
  • ISBN 9780851990132
  • Language English
  • Pages 304 pp.
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There are tremendous benefits to feeding ruminants nitrogen and phosphorus supplements, in terms of milk production and productivity. However what goes in, must also come out. Nitrogen and phosphorus excretions from dairy cattle are a major environmental pollutant. This book describes the latest knowledge in nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of cattle including requirements, ruminal and total tract metabolism, possibilities of increasing the efficiency of nitrogen utilization and reducing nitrogen and phosphorus excretions from dairy and beef operations. It also includes aspects of the effects of dietary nitrogen and phosphorus on the reproductive efficiency of cattle.

* Interactions between Cattle and the Environment: A General Introduction
* Nitrogen Requirements of Cattle,
* Nitrogen Metabolism in the Rumen
* Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in the Rumen
* Whole Animal Nitrogen Balance in Cattle
* Phosphorus Metabolism in the Rumen
* Phosphorus Metabolism in Ruminants and Requirements of Cattle
* Effects of Dietary Phosphorus and Nitrogen on Cattle Reproduction
* Improving the Efficiency of Nutrient Use on Cattle Operations

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