Aliki Nicolaides


Aliki Nicolaides, EdD, is Associate Professor of Adult Learning, Leadership and Adult Development at the University of Georgia in the program of Learning, Leadership and Organization Development. Dr. Nicolaides seeks to optimize vital developmental conditions for adults, groups and systems to learn and grow. Through the past decade of research and teaching, she has developed a philosophy of adult learning, Generative Knowing. This philosophy highlights and explores how adults learn their way through the complexity and ambiguity that is so prevalent in this period of ‘liquid’ modernity. Specifically, her work suggests that under certain conditions and with intentional scaffolding, encounters with ambiguity and complexity can evoke deep learning and reveal hidden potential that generates responsible knowing and action. Dr. Nicolaides’ facilitation approach is grounded in Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI), a methodology which consciously develops an adult’s intra-and-interactive capacity to respond to the fluidity of the 21st century lifeworld. The complex demands of a rapidly changing, interconnected world require new ways of knowing and being in this world.

Generative Knowing and CDAI undergird her teaching, scholarship and practice philosophy, catalyzing conditions for adult’s learning that actualized multiple potentials as response to complexity and uncertainty that connect us across cultural and ethical contexts. In addition to her academic scholarship and facilitation, Dr. Nicolaides is a founding steward and current Director of the International Transformative Learning Association. The purpose of the association is to promote global critical scholarship, research, teaching, application, and praxis of the social, scientific, artistic, and humanistic principles of transformative learning theories and praxis.

Author's Books

Generative Knowing

Principles, Methods, and Dispositions of an Emerging Adult Learning Theory


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