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Qualitative Inquiry: Critical Ethics, Justice, and Activism

Edited by Gaile S. Cannella

The Qualitative Inquiry: Critical Ethics, Justice and Activism series is a collection designed to provide a cross-disciplinary overview of the use of qualitative research as an avenue for justice and critical transformative activism/action socially, environmentally, and related to more-than-human/human entanglements. Much of this work has been/is labeled critical qualitative research. Scholarship that addresses the complexities of ethico/onto/epistemological orientations in critical work is included, as well as both the diverse critical histories (e.g. feminisms, post-colonial/indigenous, poststructuralist) and contemporary becomings (e.g. counter neoliberal, decolonial, beyond human) that currently, and may in the future, unveil(s) power complexities and performances in ways that move toward more just transformations. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts focusing on the basics necessary for conducting critical transformative qualitative inquiry, contemporary views and conceptualizations of critique, critical research as direct activism, and critical scholarship that thinks research differently. Further, philosophies, traditionally unthought methodologies (e.g. counter and/or multispecies ethnography, diffraction), digital and media technologies as data and/or method in critical qualitative inquiry, methodologies usually labeled traditional that have been reconceptualized and employed for critical purposes, disruptive methodologies, and complexity methodologies like assemblage theories are encouraged.