Guidelines for Authors
and Prospective Authors

Guidelines for Submitting Proposals

A clear, well thought out proposal is the key to getting a project considered by a publisher. We recommend taking time over your proposal, to think through the guidelines and questions that follow, and to give yourself the opportunity for reflection and second thoughts. The process of refining your focus and ideas will also eventually help with the writing process.


Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts

We are delighted that you have decided to publish with Stylus Distribution. Please take some time to read through these instructions and share them with your coauthors and contributors before you undertake extensive writing.


Marketing Questionnaire

Downloading this document will enable you to import it into your wordprocessor and adjust the space for answers as needed. Please be sure to paginate your questionnaire before mailing it to us or e-mailing it as an attachment; and please re-name the file before attaching it.



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