WHO Regional Publications South-East Asia Series Series 46

The Health Situation in the South-East Asia Region


February 2009
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  • Publisher
    World Health Organization
  • Published
    18th February 2009
  • ISBN 9789290223344
  • Language English
  • Pages 227 pp.
  • Size 7.25" x 10"

The health situation in Member States of WHO's South-East Asia Region varies within and across countries. The region accounts for around 25% of the world population yet it incurs 30% of the global disease burden. The Health Situation in the South-East Asia Region was first published in 1980 and the present volume is the eleventh in the series.

This publication presents the health situation in the Member States, as reflected by epidemiological data, primarily covering the period 2001-2007. It is presented with a regional perspective and, where appropriate, comparisons have been made with other regions of WHO and with world averages. It describes the progress in health development and reflects the impact of health programs, highlighting the need for concerted action to improve the health of the population of the region. Various professionals--policy-makers, authorities, researchers, health personnel and those committed to the advancement of public health in the Region--will find this book a valuable resource.

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia