Health Workforce Development Series Series 1

Strengthening National and Subnational Departments for Human Resources Development

December 2008
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    World Health Organization
  • Published
    18th December 2008
  • ISBN 9789290216469
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There is a growing health workforce crisis in many countries. In the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, the disparity in supply and demand, geographic maldistribution in urban and rural setting, and imbalance in the number of different categories of professionals, represent further dimensions of the crisis facing health system development, and its health workforce.

Human resources for health include trained health professionals, as well as non-health professionals, working in health systems and those who have gained some caring knowledge and skills and volunteer to support health in families and communities. The Health Workforce Development Series represents a major contribution on the part of the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean to the Human resources for Health Decade 2006-2015. It is aimed at supporting Member States of the Region in improving health system performance in general, and the health workforce in particular, through boosting institutional capacity building for human resources development. The series is generic, user-friendly, and has been specifically designed to meet the special needs of different countries in the Region for rapid yet sustainable health system improvement. Each country can select actions applicable to its own context for health system strengthening

Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; PART 1 ESTABLISHING, MAINTAINING AND MONITORING HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENTS: 1) Introduction; 2) Guiding Principles; 3) The Human Resources for Health Framework; 4) Establishing National Departments and Subnational Units; 5) Sustaining Departments and Units; 6) Getting Started: Eight Practical Steps in Building Sustainability Capacity for Human Resources Development Departments; PART 2 INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING TOOLS: Tool 1: Organizational Assessment Tool for National Human Resources Development Department/Unit; Tool 2: Rapid Diagnostic Worksheet; Tool 3: Staffing Profile; Tool 4: Semi-Structured Questionnaire to Assess the National Human Resources Development; Tool 5: Minimum Capacity Package Recommended for Strengthening Subnational Human Resources.