Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation in Primary Health Care

A Guide for District Health and Rehabilitation Managers

January 1995
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  • Publisher
    World Health Organization
  • Published
    30th January 1995
  • ISBN 9789241597562
  • Language English
  • Pages 44 pp.
  • Size 10" x 12"

Describes a step wise process of assessment, planning, and action that can be used to improve disability prevention and rehabilitation within the context of primary health care. Aware of the constraints often faced in district level services, the guide concentrates on measures that can be taken without the need for additional staff and without creating an excessive burden on time. Most activities described can be completed in the course of a one-day workshop. Throughout, numerous practical examples are used to illustrate how the process actually works in practice and the types of community problems it can address.
The guide, which is intended for district health and rehabilitation managers, has six chapters. The first explains how to use a one-day workshop to launch a district initiative for disability prevention and rehabilitation. Chapter two, on information gathering, explains pertinent sources of readily available information, and offers advice on how to use questionnaires and interviews to gather additional information. A time frame of six months is suggested for this research phase. Chapter three explains how to involve the community in the identification of problems and the planning of action. The remaining chapters cover assessment and planning at the district health level, monitoring and supervision of the current system for disability prevention and rehabilitation, and collaboration with other sectors, such as education, social services and labor, which can contribute to disability prevention and rehabilitation.