Implementing the WHO Stop TB Strategy

A Handbook for National Tuberculosis Control Programmes

April 2009
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  • Publisher
    World Health Organization
  • Published
    10th April 2009
  • ISBN 9789241546676
  • Language English
  • Pages 196 pp.
  • Size 6.5" x 9.5"

An adequate strategy for the control of tuberculosis (TB) globally calls for a comprehensive approach to address all of the main constraints facing TB control, including emerging challenges, as well as the main risk factors influencing the incidence of TB and socioeconomic and environmental aspects. The purpose of this handbook is to bring together in summarized form the issues, recommended strategies and practical measures involved in addressing each of the components of the Stop TB Strategy.

The handbook has been prepared principally for use by national TB control program managers and staff, as well as partner organizations and professionals involved in implementing TB control activities. Readers are provided with a concise account of the essential elements of a comprehensive TB control program and an overview of the full range of activities that need to be implemented to achieve the TB control targets set for 2015. This publication is the successor to the WHO Tuberculosis Handbook published in 1998.

1) Tuberculosis care and prevention; 2) Programmatic management of tuberculosis; 3) Ensuring comprehensive control of tuberculosis

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