The First-Year Experience Monograph Series Series 53

Organizing for Student Success

The University College Model

May 2010
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  • Publisher
    National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
  • Published
    17th May 2010
  • ISBN 9781889271705
  • Language English
  • Pages 180 pp.
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Published in partnership with the Association of Deans & Directors of University Colleges & Undergraduate Studies

Organizing for Student Success draws on data from more than 50 institutions to provide insight into how university colleges are organized, the initiatives they house, and the practices in place to ensure their effectiveness. Twenty case studies from 15 different campuses offer an in-depth understanding of institutional practice. Ultimately, university colleges are not only a structure for organizing educational experiences but also a catalyst for creating institutional change. An invaluable resource for first-year experience steering committees, general education reform committees, and other groups or administrators charged with reorganizing and revitalizing the delivery of undergraduate education.

“While the ideas and strategies discussed in this monograph may at first seem more relevant to the university setting, specific examples serve as lessons, provide warnings about pitfalls, and are easily transferable to the small college setting.”

- NACADA Journal

List of Tables and Figures
Preface—Jennifer R. Keup & Carter Hammett-McGarry
Foreword—Betsy O. Barefoot & John N. Gardner
Introduction—Scott E. Evenbeck & Dorothy Ward

Chapter 1: University Colleges: Flexible Structures for Serving Undergraduate Students—Randy L. Swing & Julie S. Alexander-Hamilton

Chapter 2: Collaborations for Entering Student Success—Frank E. Ross & Maggy Smith

Chapter 2 Case Studies
Buffalo State
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
Montana State University
University of Akron
University of Texas at El Paso

Chapter 3: Dynamic Engagement With the Undergraduate Curriculum—Barbara Jackson

Chapter 3 Case Studies
Appalachian State University
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
Kennesaw State University
The Pennsylvania State University
University of Akron

Chapter 4: Holistic Support for Learning—Dorothy Ward

Chapter 4 Case Studies
Ball State University
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
Kennesaw State University
University of Rhode Island
University of Texas at El Paso
Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia)

Chapter 5: Comprehensive University College Assessment: The Importance of Assessing Students’ Needs, Program Processes, and Critical Outcomes—Michele J. Hansen, Scott E. Evenbeck, & Gayle Williams

Chapter 5 Case Studies
Illinois State University
University of Oklahoma
Virginia Commonwealth University
Wright State University

Chapter 6: Resource Management in the University College—Maggy Smith & Scott E. Evenbeck

Chapter 7: The University College: A Context for Student Success and Institutional Change—Scott E. Evenbeck, Maggy Smith, & Dorothy Ward

Appendix A: Responding Institutions
Appendix B: University College Survey
Appendix C: Resources for University College Work
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