The First-Year Experience Monograph Series Series 45

The Role of the Library in the First College Year

Edited by Larry Hardesty
May 2007
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  • Publisher
    National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
  • Published
    17th May 2007
  • ISBN 9781889271545
  • Language English
  • Pages 296 pp.
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Published in partnership with the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association

While the library is at the center of many campuses physically, it is often an overlooked and underused resource in improving the learning and success of first-year college students. In this new volume, librarians, classroom faculty, administrators, and higher education researchers come together to explore the potential of the library in shaping the student experience. Chapter authors explore structures and practices for helping students learn to navigate the college library; use the Internet effectively; and find, analyze, and incorporate information into their academic work -- a critical foundation for college success. Thirteen case studies present detailed information on current practice from a variety of campus types.

Foreword—Alan E. Guskin
Preface: Drawing on the Past, in the Present, to Shape the Future of the First-Year Experience in American Higher Education—John N. Gardner & Andrew K. Koch
Introduction—Larry L. Hardesty

Section 1 Foundations
1) Recent History and Definition of Information Literacy and Future Directions—Thomas G. Kirk, Jr.
2) Engaging Students in the First College Year: Why Academic Librarians Matter—George D. Kuh, Polly D. Boruff-Jones, & Amy E. Mark
3) How First-Year College Students Use Their Time: Implications for Library and Information Literacy Instruction—Leticia Oseguera

Section 2 Initiatives
4) Models of Library Instruction for First-Year Students—Debbie Malone & Carol Videon
5) The Library and First-Year Seminars: In-Depth Analysis—of a 2001 National Study
Colleen Boff & Kristin Johnson
6) Information Literacy and the First-Year Experience in the California State University System—Ilene F. Rockman
7) Librarians With a First-Year Focus: Exploring an Emerging Position—Colleen Boff, Cheryl Albrecht, & Alison Armstrong
8) Strategies for Designing Assignments to Support Information Literacy Initiatives—Larry L. Hardesty
Chapter 9) Engaging First-Year Students: Developing Library-Related Cocurricular Activities That Impact and Empower Students—Ellysa Stern Cahoy & Loanne Snavely

Section 3 Connections
10) Assessing Library Instruction in the First College Year—Robert Fitzpatrick & Randy L. Swing
11) Research on Student Retention and Implications for Library Involvement—Cindy Pierard & Kathryn Graves
12) The Convergence of Information Literacy and the First-Year Experience: Looking to the Future—Larry L. Hardesty

Section 4 Campus Case Studies
Case Study 1
The Library and the First-Year Experience Over Time at Dickinson College—Christine Bombaro & John C. Stachacz
Case Study 2
Collaborative Curriculum Building at Millikin University: The Critical Role of Faculty/Library Collaboration—Susan Avery & Nancy DeJoy
Case Study 3
Transformations: Library/Faculty Collaboration in First-Year Programs at IUPUI—William A. Orme & Barbara D. Jackson
Case Study 4
Librarians as Change Agents: The Evolution of a First-Year Information Fluency Program at a Small Liberal Arts College—Teresa Fishel, Beth Hillemann, & Jean Beccone
Case Study 5
Developing a First-Year Information Literacy Program: The Contexts and Challenges of Change—Randall Schroeder & Judith Griffith
Case Study 6
Integrating Information Literacy Into a Discipline-Specific Course in the First Year: A Case Study of Sociology 101—Kathy S. Kremer & Karen Shostrom Lehmann
Case Study 7
Reducing Library Anxiety Through Career Explorations at Eastern Kentucky—Linda Klein
Case Study 8
Using Web-Based Instruction Guides to Teach Information Literacy Concepts to First-Year Students at Grinnell College—Catherine Rod & Rebecca Stuhr
Case Study 9
Emergence/Emergency? The Earlham Libraries and the First-Year Experience—Neal Baker & Thomas G. Kirk, Jr.
Case Study 10
Librarians in the Wired Classroom: The Seton Hall University Experience—Mary McAleer Balkun, Beth Bloom, & Marta Mestrovic Deyrup
Case Study 11
The Development and Management of the Online Information Literacy Tutorial at the HKUST Library—Sam Chu
Case Study 12
Preparing Pathways to Information Literacy: Combining Research Technology, and Core College Competencies for Select First-Year Students—Joan Campbell, Corrine Taylor, & Pattie Orr
Case Study 13
A Common Grading Rubric: Evolution of Library Assignments for an Orientation Course—Janice Hovis & Diane Savoca

Appendix A: Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Association of College and Research Libraries
Appendix B: Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction: A Model Statement for Academic Librarians
Association of College and Research Libraries

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