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Tax Aspects of Buying and Selling Companies

Spiral bound
January 2001
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    22nd January 2001
  • ISBN 9781854181893
  • Language English
  • Pages 102 pp.
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Do you have to advise on buying and selling companies, and are you fully versed with the tax issues involved?

The tax aspects of buying and selling companies amounts to around 40% of this type of corporate activity. For those who have to advise on the process from a tax point of view it is vital that their advice is up-to-date, informed and structured. This Report takes you through the buying and selling process from the tax angle. It uses straightforward case studies to highlight the issues and more important strategies that are likely to have a significant impact on the overall taxation position. It is a must for all those who have to advise on the tax aspects of buying and selling companies or who need to have an understanding of the tax issues involved.

Introduction; Taxation issues; Sale of assets or sale of shares?; Inland Revenue clearances and anti-avoidance in general; Advising the purchaser; Protecting losses; Warranties and indemnities; Case study: a corporate vendor; Hive downs and management buy-outs; Appendix: Summary of IR20; Stock dividend scheme; Impact of pre-sale dividend; Using loan notes; Deferred consideration; Taxation of the income of discretionary trusts.

Martyn Ingles

Martyn Ingles qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1982 and has specialized in taxation ever since. He became an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation in 1983 whilst working for Arthur Andersen in London. For ten years he worked for The Financial Training Company Ltd, lecturing in taxation and other accounting subjects to students preparing for their accountancy and taxation examinations, as well as CPE and CPD courses. In January 1997 he returned to professional practice joining Horwath Clark Whitehill, where he became a partner in October 1998. His main area of interest is tax planning for the family business and he lectures on this and other taxation issues on both internal and external courses. A member of the ICAEW Tax Faculty committee and its honorary treasurer, he joined MacIntyre Hudson in April 2000 where he continues to be involved in the provision of taxation training for accountants, lawyers and other professionals.