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Grounds Maintenance

Managing Outdoor Sport and Landscape Facilities

September 1997
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    20th September 1997
  • ISBN 9781854180438
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  • Pages 142 pp.
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This Special Briefing is designed to provide information that is not readily available within the sport and landscape industry. Peter Dury addresses a range of important management concerns and objectives, including techniques for ensuring quality of provision and introducing performance quality standards, providing value for money and formulating landscape management plans, as well as an assessment of the research findings of the past twenty years and a review of the initiatives, legislation and trends in this area.

A review of sport, outdoor recreation and lanscape provision

1.1 The landscape

1.2 A changing environment
Formulating a landscape or sports facility management plan

2.1 Introduction

2.2 The investigation

2.3 Developing the plan
Introducing product quality into the industry

3.1 Specifications and performance

3.2 Measuring and assessing quality and implications for use
Value for money and the utilisation of resources

4.1 What does cost-effective and value for money mean?

4.2 Inputs and outputs

4.3 Systems that can be used to assess facility performance and utilisation

4.4 Surplus or profit, can outdoor facilties be self supporting?
Practical research on turf surfaces and the implications for use

5.1 Carrying capacity of land

5.2 Conclusions from the Wilford project
Legislation, national initiatives and their effect
What is the way forward?
Taking the plunge

Appendix 1: Formulating a landscape management plan

Appendix 2: Additional information on performance quality standards

Appendix 3: Soccer pitch, is it fit for play?

Appendix 4: Management charts

Peter Dury

Peter Dury , Honorary Technical Adviser to the National Playing Fields Association, NTP consultant to the England & Wales Cricket Board, technical consultant to Hewitt Sports Turf, adviser to Playrite and Heckmondwicke FB Ltd and consultant for the Institute of Groundsmanship. Peter has over 40 years' experience in the provision, maintenance and management of sport and landscape facilities. He is a pioneer in the development of performance standards for sport pitches and landscape, in which he has been involved with the Sports Council since 1974