Ariane Helmbrecht


Dr. Ariane Helmbrecht studied agricultural science at the University of Bonn, Germany, and specialized for diploma and Ph.D. thesis on animal nutrition. While concentrating for the graduation on ruminant nutrition and especially nitrogen reduction in high yielding dairy cows, during an eight-year period at a German feed compounder the responsibility for poultry, rabbits, horses, small ruminants, fish and zoo-animals expanded her knowledge to all livestock animals and even more exotic ones. In 2009 she joined the animal nutrition research team of Evonik and concentrated for 7 years on amino acid nutrition of broilers, laying hens, turkeys, and ducks. Recently her field was again expanded to ruminant nutrition and added by the responsibility for market development and marketing. Part of Ariane's work is to transfer scientific findings into commercially applicable concepts and also to inform and train technical colleagues as well as nutritionists from livestock producing companies in these concepts. Due to her working with colleagues and customers in more than 120 countries, she has a good knowledge of different production systems and nutritional requirements.

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