Charles R. Lane


Charles Lane is a senior plant pathologist at FSL. Ltd based in York with over 25 years experience in the diagnosis of fungal plant pathogens. Following a Ph.D. investigating a mycoparasite of the cultivated mushroom, he joined the plant pathology laboratory in Harpenden before moving to Yorkshire in 1996. Since then he has predominantly worked on the identification of quarantine fungi such as Colletotrichum, Monilinia, Alternaria, Phytophthora and Hymenoscyphus. He helped found the UK's largest commercial Plant Clinic providing diagnostic services to growers and consultants both in the UK and overseas. Currently, is developing and delivering plant health and biosecurity advice, guidance and training to a wide-range of stakeholders and citizen scientists.

Author's Books

Fungal Plant Pathogens Edition 2

Applied Techniques