Margaret Tebbs


Margaret Tebbs, member of the Institute of Analytical Plant Illustrators (IAPI), curator, and taxonomist in the Botany Department, Natural History Museum, London, collects plants and writes for Flora Mesoamericana; 1992 to present - free-lance botanical artist working for the RBG, Kew, Natural History Museum and foreign herbaria. In 2011 she was awarded the Jill Smythes medal (Linnean Society) for botanical artwork. She is currently illustrating cultivated plants for the Royal Horticultural Society and does occasional work for RBG Kew. Co-tutors (with Sally Pinhey) workshops entitled "Botany for Artists," teaching basic botany and practical artwork. Tutors local art groups, and is on the art committee of the annual Burton Bradstock Music and Art Festival.

Author's Books

Plants for Soil Regeneration

An Illustrated Guide