Colin D. Butler


Colin D. Butler has published about 160 articles and chapters. He contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a contributing author to the 2014 report, and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (as a coordinating lead author for the conceptual framework and scenarios working groups), the Global Environmental Outlook VI (United Nations Environment Program) and the Global Energy Assessment. His first scientific article (a letter in the Medical Journal of Australia, 1991) concerned climate change, ecological change and the potential for large-scale disruption to society. His PhD ("Inequality and Sustainability") focused on these and related topics as did his four year Future Fellowship (2011-2015) funded by the Australian Research Council. He has given over 80 invited lectures in countries outside Australia and published widely on population growth, development, poverty and conflict.

Author's Books

Climate Change and Global Health Edition 2

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Effects