Teresa Hollands


Teresa Hollands is an Applied Biology graduate from Cardiff University where she specialized in human nutrition and biochemistry. She worked for a year, riding out horses and working at a large equine livery and competition yard on the Isle of Man. She then graduated from Newcastle University with an MSc in Animal Nutrition and worked for 5 years as an Animal Nutritionist for Dengie Feeds. She started as an all-round nutritionist working with Lord Raleigh Dairies, Supreme Pet Foods and The National Goat Association. Moving onto specializing in horses, she then worked for Dodson & Horrell Ltd as their senior nutritionist for 19 years where she was responsible for their R&D program, working with colleges and veterinary universities, the development of the International Conferences for Feeding Horses series, as well as sitting on legal and welfare advisory committees. Whilst at D&H she undertook a PhD looking at the interaction between nutrition and hoof quality and subsequently taught second-, fourth- and final-year vet students at most of the UK vet schools. More recently, she provided nutritional support for the British Equestrian Federation and the Para teams in the build up to 2012 and also supported all the BEF Excel teams. She is a registered nutritionist and an auditor for The Association of Nutrition.

Author's Books

Evidence Based Equine Nutrition

A Practical Approach For Professionals