Anna Lydia Svalastog, PhD


Anna Lydia Svalastog is full professor of psychosocial work at Østfold University College, Norway. She holds a PhD in history of religion from Uppsala University, Sweden, and is a permanent faculty member (docent) at the Faculty of Humanities, Umeå University, Sweden. Her research focuses on past and present conditions and frames for individual and societal life, health, and knowledge. She is the chair of the Navigating Knowledge Landscapes network, focusing on health and knowledge in the digital society, and she is a member of the expert committee for the H2020 PANELFIT, a project working on the European general data protection regulation (GDPR). She has published individual work as well as interdisciplinary collaborative work, and co-edited books on myth and rites in the field of religious studies, one book on Sámi studies, and books on psychosocial work and on health and the digital society.

Author's Books

Tourism as a Resource-based Industry

Based on the Work of Sondre Svalastog