Emmanuel Geoffriau


Dr. Emmanuel Geoffriau is Associate Professor in plant sciences applied to vegetable crops. He has experience in several aspects of genetics, genetic diversity and cropping systems of vegetable crops, in particular carrot, in relation with crop quality.

At Agrocampus Ouest in France, he is co-responsible for the research team “Quality and resistance to pests of vegetable crops” in the Institute of Research in Horticulture and Seeds (IRHS) and his research focuses on genetics and quality of the carrot crop. He is responsible for the masters “Fruits and Vegetables, Food and Markets” and “Engineering of horticultural products and cropping systems”. He teaches vegetable crops, post-harvest, genetic diversity and statistics in relation with experimental designs. He serves as reviewer of research projects for national/international agencies, and for several international journals. He is also Chair of the ISHS working group “Carrot and other Apiaceae. “