Lizzie Drury


Lizzie Drury is one of a new generation of nutritional scientists putting a friendly face and an uncomplicated attitude to a very grown-up and confusing subject! Having studied at Reading University, Lizzie graduated with an honors degree in 'Animal Science', which covered all areas of animal nutrition, from health, welfare through to physiology and biochemistry. Lizzie then went on to gain a Masters Degree in Equine Science and is one of only 8 Registered Equine Nutritionists in the UK. She has followed her passion for horses and concentrated in equine nutrition, working in this field for over 20 years, working with Saracen Horse Feeds for 17 years now as their  Senior Equine Nutritionist. Working within the equine industry and dividing time between research and product development, supporting clients from grass roots through to Team GB Olympic Gold Medal Winners and being a horse owner herself has made Lizzie much in demand because of her up to date practical knowledge, friendly and easy to follow advice that gets results. She is known for giving confidence to horse owners and grooms through to professional riders with regards to correct nutritional management of horses and ponies. Her work has taken her to the Far East as well as all over Europe and the UK working with racehorses, endurance horses, studs and veterinary practices through to retirement/rehabilitation homes and professional dressage yards. Lizzie has extensive experience both with top level competition horses through to riding club horses and grass roots horse owners. A regular name in print, Lizzie continues to write for leading equestrian titles and represent Saracen Horse Feeds through numerous presentations and lectures at riding club level and beyond.

Author's Books

Evidence Based Equine Nutrition

A Practical Approach For Professionals