Kacie L. Armstrong


Kacie L. Armstrong is a visiting assistant professor of psychology at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. She holds a BA in media and communication studies and a BS in psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, an MA with distinction in film and visual studies from Queen’s University Belfast, and an MA and PhD in psychology from Cornell University. As a researcher, her work focuses on face perception and the emotion of nostalgia. As an educator, her teaching practices are grounded in civic engagement as she guides students in using the power of prose and dialogue to drive social change. Her dedication to innovative and inclusive teaching has been recognized through a dean’s prize for distinguished teaching at Cornell University and the Buttrick-Crippen fellowship, which supported her in developing a new 1st-year writing seminar titled “Promoting Progress Through Psychology.” Outside of academia, she enjoys hiking, writing, and hygge.

Author's Books

Teaching Gradually

Practical Pedagogy for Graduate Students, by Graduate Students

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