Linh N. K. Duong


Dr. Linh N. K. Duong is a lecturer at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln. Dr. Duong’s main research interests are in sustainable and resilient supply chain management. He has worked with food and beverage, pharmaceutical, construction, tourism, and health sectors. He has previously worked at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion) and Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, NZ). Prior to this, he worked in the Supply Chain Management field since 2007 for dairy and pharmaceutical companies. He also joined projects on Distribution Management Systems, Inventory Management, and Production Management. Dr. Duong has taught a range of operations management and supply chain modules and has experience in module design and student supervision. He is on the Editorial Review Board for the International Journal of Applied Logistics and reviews for several journals including the International Journal of Production Economics.

Author's Books

Food Industry 4.0

Unlocking Advancement Opportunities in the Food Manufacturing Sector