Bharat P. Singh


Bharat P. Singh is a Professor of Agronomy and Bioenergy Crops at the Fort Valley State University at Fort Valley, Georgia, USA. He has research experience spanning over 40 years in areas of sustainable agriculture and crop production systems including bioenergy crops. He has received funding for some 30 grants and is recipient of distinguished project director and outstanding principal investigator awards. He has edited books, authored several book chapters and his research is published regularly in reputed referred journals. He has extensive international exposure through collaborative research and has served as Senior Fulbright Specialist and US State Department Embassy Science Fellow. He heads a very active group of researchers working in several areas of bioenergy crops including molecular breeding to improve production and quality traits, low input cropping systems, and life cycle analysis of bioenergy crops.

Author's Books

Biofuel Crops

Production, Physiology and Genetics

Edited by Bharat P. Singh